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I, Robot Goes Graphic - Week 3

Week 3 - Sequential Art Summary of I, Robot

  • Review what has been learned so far about graphic novels.
  • State this week’s objective:  You have read I, Robot by Isaac Asimov.  This week, you will demonstrate your ability to apply your knowledge of the sequential art format by creating a sequential art summary of a short story from Isaac Asimov’s science fiction collection, I Robot.
  • Give students time to review the book and select the story they want to use for their summary.
  • Ask students to prepare a written summary of the plot of the story using a simple plot diagram.
  • Describe sequential art assignment.
    • You will turn your summary into a sequential art format.
    • 3-6 panels/frames
    • write title of story on top
    • show problem, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution
    • attach written summary
  • Work will be graded in the following categories:
    • Content (all parts of plot represented in sequence)
    • Sequential Art (use of sequential art format & techniques)
    • Appeal (neatness, effective use of color, size)
    • Text (spelling, word choice, punctuation)
  • From their plot diagram they decide how many panels they’ll need for their summary (should not need more than 6) and plan what will go in each panel.
  • The following link has a variety of cartoon panels students can useto plan their work or they can sketch the panels out on blank paper.
  • Students create their sequential art summary of the story. They may do this freehand or use an online tool.
  • Students present their summary to the class or to a group.
  • The completed assignment should be turned in with the written summary.


Sequential Art Grading Rubric (TR)
Written Summary

After exploring the graphic novel “genre”, students may want to write their own graphic novels involving robots.

They could also expand their use of sequential art to other areas such as

  • events from history
  • science or math concepts
  • poster expressing their opinion on an issue (similar to the political cartoons)

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