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Literature Suggestions - The Veldt

The Veldt

The Veldt from The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury
A summary of the short stories in the collection can be found at this LINK.

Reading The Veldt
The Lexile Level for stories in The Illustrated Man is unknown but The Veldt should be an independent read for most high school students. Suggestions made for reading I, Robot can be used with this book.

Activities for The Veldt

  • Characterization, Analytical Thinking                                                                                            
  • Break the students into groups of 4 and have them develop a literary sociogram for this story. Groups present their sociogram to the class and explain rationale for the way the relationships are shown.
  • Discuss Author’s Purpose -
    • Why does Bradbury open his story with dialogue about the nursery?
    • Why does he use the nursery as the main setting for disastrous events?
    • Define the term “foreshadowing”.  Find at least three examples where Bradbury uses foreshadowing in The Veldt.  How did the use of foreshadowing affect the story?
    • What message do you think Bradbury intended to give readers in this story?
  • Contrast what the nursery was to the children with what it was to the parents.
  • Contrast Bradbury’s views on the use of machines and technology with Asimov’s and Dick’s.
  • Change the Veldt setting in the nursery to something else.  Rewrite the story using that setting.
  • Write an essay about the impact technology has on our lives. Should we continue to develop machines that will do things for us?  How will our lives change as our homes become more and more automated?  Should we fear machines? Are we headed in the same direction as the Hadleys in the story, The Veldt?  What do humans need to be happy?
  • Have an informal debate on the question, “Do you think George and Lydia were right in their decision to close the nursery?”

Assessment Suggestions

  • Written assignments - Essay, adapted short story
  • Group sociogram
  • Observation of group interaction, preparation for daily reading
  • Teacher made quiz on story

Additional Resources
In-depth analysis of The Veldt

Biography of Ray Bradbury

Read the other stories in Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man.
There are many opportunities for in depth discussion about social, ethical, and philosophical issues.

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