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A Prototype Robot - Days 6-9

Discovery Experience 4 - Building and Marketing a Prototype RobotRobotics Learning Objective: The students will develop their knowledge of basic marketing strategies by building a prototype robot and developing a marketing plan to promote and “sell” their product.

Day 6: Making an effective magazine advertisement

Materials and Resources Needed: Magazine advertisements brought by students:


  1. Background to advertisements
    • Students bring in magazine ads
    • Put the magazine ads around the room.
    • Student circle the room, noting three of their favorite advertisements and explaining why they like them in their Student log book
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    • After sitting, students share with their partner why they chose what they did
    • Teacher calls on a few for their answers
    • Lecture: Effective magazine advertisements usually have the following criteria (1) strong visual element (2) some memorable catchphrase (3) explanation and/or description of what is being sold (4) Why the reader should buy the product
    • Students look at the advertisements they chose and journal about how these advertisements used one of these categories especially well in their Student log book
    • Share with partner
    • Teacher chooses some to share with group
  2. Project
    • In groups students brainstorm ideas for their advertisement that would have elements of all four categories
    • Write these ideas down in the student log book

7 – 9: Working on the advertisement

Materials and Resources Needed: Project Rubric



  1. Each group shares their ideas with another group
    • The other group will give feedback on how well the advertisement hits the four elements and make suggestions for improvement.
    • The other group shares and is given feedback
  2. Groups work on their projects
  3. 10 minutes before the bell rings, groups share once more with a different group and are given the same feedback
  4. The second day, groups finish working on their advertisement.
  5. In Student log book, reflect on the process
    • Some helpful questions might be:
      • How was this exercise useful?
      • What is the benefit of working in groups?
      • What are some of the difficulties in working in groups?
      • How is my group doing? What are some of our struggles? What can we do to make the group more effective?

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