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nb19Discovery Experience 5 –  Rescue!The students will understand how robots can perform specific tasks by constructing and programming a robot to navigate a pre-designed course.








LA.6.1.2 - LA.6.2.3


LA.6.6.1, LA.6.6.4

LA.7.2.1 -LA.7.2.2


LA.7.6.1, LA.7.6.3



LA.8.6.1, LA.8.6.4

LA.8.2.1 - LA.8.2.2


Time Allotment:  4-5 days

Day 1: (The course)

Materials Needed:

  1. Roadmap to the Rescue (from Unit Introduction)
  2. Lego robot kit
  3. Instructions to build an EducatorBot
  4. Teamwork evaluation sheet (TR)
  5. Resource for tutorial on how to build a Lego Robot
  6. For Maze
    • Lego kit boxes (rocks)
    • 3ft x 3ft square of black paper
    • Map that shows where robots are at


  1. Refer to "Roadmap" and highlight step 5
  2. State lesson objective
  3. Students are given the instructions and told to build the Lego robot as shown in the kit instructions
  4. Students are shown the obstacle course and told the rules.
  5. Make a Mars Landscape
    • Find an open space in a classroom of about 15 ft by 15 ft
      • Randomly place Lego boxes and other obstacles to mimic rocks
      • Have a 3 ft x 3ft section somewhere in the open space of black paper or black tape.
        • This is the “cave” the robots are held
  6. Students must program their robots for the following purposes:
    • After randomly being placed in the field, they must navigate around the rocks to find the cave
    • Once they find the cave (the robot senses the black paper or tape), they must speak a message and see a map
    • Once the robot sees the map, students will be able to measure the distances and program a route back to the pick-up spot
      • Extra credit:  Design a way to carry the map back
      • Extra credit:  The robot must be able to stop if a clap is heard.

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Contact Info

  • Kathleen Letsky, Curriculum Specialist
  • Nathan Patia, STEM Specialist
  • Salvador Cabusi, Technology Specialist
  • Robot Invasion
  • Krause Family Foundation
  • Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Tel: 808.778.1265

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