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A Long Way From Home - Day 2-3

Discovery Experience 2 – A Long Way From Home (Traveling to Mars Through the Solar System)The students will understand the relationship between Earth and Mars in the solar system by comparing and contrasting the two planets.

Day 2-3 Comparing Earth and Mars



  1. Calculators
  2. Diagram of the solar system (TR- “Mars and the Solar System Websites”)
  3. Nonfiction texts on Mars, Earth, and the Solar System (TR)
  4. Note Taking Resources (in “Misc. Resources -TR)
  5. Computer/Internet Access
  6. VENN Diagram – 2 Circles


  1. Review previous day’s learning
  2. Break students into their study groups (same groups as previous day).  In their groups have students do the following:
    • Label the planets in the solar system
    • Using a diagram of the solar system (drawn to scale), locate Earth and Mars and calculate the following:
      • Distance between Earth and Mars
      • Distance between the sun and Mars
      • Distance between the sun and Earth
      • Determine the circumference and diameter of Earth and Mars.  Calculate the difference in size.  How much larger is Earth than Mars?
  3. Groups share their calculations with the whole class.  
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  5. Individually, have students respond in writing  to the question “How do size and distance from the sun affect conditions on Earth and Mars?”
  6. Share responses with a partner and then have a whole class discussion on the question.
  7. Using this information, information gathered from the film/video, outside reading, and information learned about Mars the previous week, have students (individually) complete a VENN diagram showing the similarities and differences between Earth and Mars.
  8. After completing an individual VENN, students meet in same study groups to compare their VENN diagram information.  Any additions to individual VENN diagrams should be made in colored ink.  Teacher should circulate and check accuracy of VENN.

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