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Mysterious Mars - Days 1-4

Discovery Experience 1 – Mysterious MarsThe students will develop an understanding of the conditions on Mars by gathering information about Mars on a data chart.

ResourcesTime Allotment:    3-4  days (depending on what resources are used)

Days 1 - 4  (Getting to Know the “Red” Planet)

Materials Needed:

  1. Video on Mars  (Check your school system resources for additional resources.)
    Five Years on Mars (2008) National Geographic DVD follows Mars Rover 50 minutes
  2. Nonfiction Books about Mars (TR)
  3. Venn Diagram
  4. Mars Data Charts with or without categories (TR)
  5. Other possible resources
    • Speakers knowledgeable about Mars
    • NASA information from internet site See additional websites on Mars in "Weblinks > Website Resources" - TR)
    • Newspaper and magazine articles about Mars (Check Hawaii library system for articles in children’s journals)
  6. Note taking Resources (TR)
  7. Test on Mars (TR)
  8. Roadmap to the Rescue (TR)


  1. Review “Roadmap to the Rescue” and highlight first step- Learn about conditions on Mars

  2. nb15
  3. Introduce Marts data chart
  4. If using the blank data chart, decide (with the students) what categories should be included. If using the chart with categories listed, go over the categories and ask students if any others need to be added.  Students may also add categories as they learn more about Mars.
  5. Explain to students that, over the next few days, they will be adding information to their data charts as they learn about Mars.
  6. Present information on Mars in any of the following ways:
    1. Assigned reading of selected texts
    2. View a video or film 
    3. Speaker
    4. Selected Internet Site (TR)
    5. Lectures
  7. As material is presented, students fill in their individual data charts.  
  8. On last day of this discovery experience, consolidate material from individual charts on class data chart.
  9. Give test on Mars after students have had time to review and study.
  10. Correct test and stamp passport


  1. Individual data chart
  2. Test on Mars using data chart information (TR) 
    • (Questions may be added based on information presented in resources used.)

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  • Salvador Cabusi, Technology Specialist
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