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Strange Mechanical Things - Day 1

Day 1 - Sharing Background KnowledgeRobotics Learning Objective: The student will know what robots are by sharing background knowledge and gathering information from a variety of sources.


Time Allotment: 5 days

Materials and Resources Needed:

  1. Pictures of a variety of robots (Teacher Resource has list of robots with links to pictures and information about the robots.) Be sure to include robots that are used in different fields for a variety of jobs
  2. Chart paper & markers
  3. Robot costume (optional)
  4. Recording of robot greeting stating reason for invasion and giving students task to find out what robots are, how they work, and how they are used. Robots will leave after the mission is accomplished (Recording can be found in the Teacher Resources).
  5. Poster Requirements
  6. Assessment Rubric

  1. Scatter pictures of robots thoughtout the room
  2. Have the class enter a dimly lit classroom filled with strange (mechanical) sounds. If possible, dress up as a robot, come in, and announce your arrival.
  3. Students come into the room and search for the cause of the strange environment. They round up the robots and contain them on the bulletin board until they can learn more about them.
  4. Play recording of robot greeting.
  5. Discussion - What do all these robots have in common?
  6. List responses on chart paper and come up with a first draft of a group definition of a robot. Put this on the bulletin board with the robot pictures.
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  8. Introduce long-range assignment (culminating activity - due last week of unit)
    Long Range Assignment
    1. Assign each student one of the robots from the bulletin board.
    2. Students are to find out as much as they can about their robot and prepare either a PPT or poster of their findings to present to the class - due last week of unit. (Project requirements and scoring rubrics can be found in the Teacher Resources or download them on the right).
    3. Share project requirements, guidelines, and scoring rubric with the class.

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