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Roadmap to the Rescue - Day 1

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Unit Introduction –  Roadmap to the RescueThe students will demonstrate an understanding of the robots’ problem by analyzing the situation and developing a plan of action for their rescue.

Time Allotment: 1 day Resources

Materials and Resources Needed:

  1. Recording of Robot’s Message about the capture (TR)
  2. Chart paper, Smart Board, whiteboard, or chalkboard
  3. Situation Analysis Chart (TR)
  4. Roadmap to the Rescue (TR)
  5. Newspaper frames (optional - for ELA Extension) TR
  6. Passport to Mars - Choose from 2 forms (TR)


  1. Explain background of the Robot Invasion of  4th and 5th Grades for students who did not participate in the 4th-5th grade unit (see previous unit)
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  3. Play recording from the surviving robot.
  4. Break students into groups of 4-5.
  5. Ask groups to analyze the situation and fill in the Situation Analysis Chart (TR).
  6. Share charts with class & discuss
  7. Come to the following conclusions:  (This becomes the unit plan or “Roadmap to the Rescue”.  If additional suggestions come up from the Situation Analysis chart, try to fit them into the unit plan under the main headings below.)
    • We need to ...
    • Learn about the location of Mars in the solar system
    • Learn about the conditions on Mars
    • Learn how to build and program a robot to perform specific tasks
    • Learn about the history of robotics
    • Plan how we will get our robot to Mars
    • Program a robot to go through a maze on Mars to rescue the robots
  8. Review “Roadmap” with students
  9. Introduce Passport to Mars and explain how it works (Students must get all areas checked off and receive a final stamp for mission approval .  This could be a final grade  determined by the average grade when all requirements are added together.)

Language Arts Extension:

Write a news article about the robot’s story and the planned rescue.  Students can design their own newspaper front page or use one of the frames located in the Teacher Resources.

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