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Mission Accomplished - Days 6-7

Discovery Experience 5 – Mission AccomplishedThe students will become acquainted with a variety of robots and the jobs they do by participating in notional activities and sharing information gathered from a variety of resources.

Day 6-7 (Culminating Activity)


  1. Student projects (poster or PPT)
  2. Bulletin board graph of different kinds of robots
  3. Student self-assessment form (Find in Teacher Resources)
  4. Scoring Rubrics (Find in Teacher Resources)
  5. Farewell Recording from robots (Find in Teacher Resources)


  1. Review criteria for scoring the culminating activity
  2. Remind students of what good listeners and good presenters do
  3. Refer to blank graph on bulletin board. Tell students they will place the original bulletin board picture of their robot on the graph after their presentation.
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  5. After each student presents, ask the class to share one compliment and ask two questions. The class then comes to consensus as to where the robot should be placed on the graph.
  6. Student presenter fills out a self-evaluation of his/her presentation and turns it in to the teacher.
  7. Follow this procedure for remaining presentations.
  8. After all presentations are done, have students assemble in front of the bulletin board to address their robot visitors.
  9. Teacher asks students to answer the following:
    • What is a robot?
    • How do robots work?
    • How are robots used?
  10. Play a recording from the robots commending the students on their accomplishment and encouraging them to learn more. They then bid them good-bye.

Math Extension after graph is complete

  1. Math problems using data from the graph
  2. What % of the robots are….?
  3. How many more robots are used in….. than ….?
  4. What fraction of the robots are…?
  5. Convert the data to a pie graph, line graph, etc.

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Robot Image Rotator

  • Robot Invasion
  • Robot Invasion
  • Robot Invasion
  • Robot Invasion
  • Robot Invasion
  • Robot Invasion
  • Robot Invasion
  • Robot Invasion
  • Robot Invasion
  • Robot Invasion
  • Robot Invasion
  • Robot Invasion
  • Robot Invasion
  • Robot Invasion
  • Robot Invasion



Contact Info

  • Kathleen Letsky, Curriculum Specialist
  • Nathan Patia, STEM Specialist
  • Salvador Cabusi, Technology Specialist
  • Robot Invasion
  • Krause Family Foundation
  • Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Tel: 808.778.1265

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